Quick Start Challenge Coaching Program Review And Bonuses

In this article we are going to review the coaching program Quick Start Challenge from Dean Holland and his partners Craig Crawford and JF Garsula.

Dean started the first coaching QSC last year and it was huge so he decided to reopen it again this year to give a massive learning  to any one wanting to get on the right track.I enrolled personally to this coaching so i can give you an honest review about it. So let’s get started and see what is about and how good this coaching is. This  coaching training program is composed with long and complete sessions where Dean is willing to give you everything in order to succeed online and hide nothing  from you. QSC is composed with 4 weeks sessions plus other bonuses sessions and here is an overview of it:

  • Week 1 of QSC -The Big Beginning which is the starting point where you are going to learn great lessons to make you etablish for a long term success for your business.
  • Week 2 of QSC -The Free Traffic Tap methods and with it you will learn how to drive targeted traffic and get many visitors to your business without any struggle.Traffic is very important, no traffic= no sales , it’s simple :)
  • Week 3 of QSC – On Demand Income And Automation where you learn how to take your business to next level and start building valuable assets for your business and of course automate it so you can free your self and gain more freedom.
  • Week 4 of QSC – Instant Internet Life Style where you going to learn how to put certain process in place to allow you get results without being tight to the computer 24 hours.

 Quick Start Challenge Part 1 -The Big Beginning

The Best Online Coaching Program Quick Start Challenge In this coaching session we will learn that success depends of you and how much well concentrated efforts are you willing to give in order to succeed and of course success does not come overnight and there is no such push button to get rich.

97% of internet marketers who try to make it online fail and this is because they don’t follow the right direction and they keep buying one course after another and feel frustrated, lost and overwhelmed,these 97% will keep doing the same thing over and over again and that’s insane!

Dean is teaching you how to focus and build a real online presence and give you the knowledge and skills needed to establish your self online . So with this coaching program you are going to learn a highly proven process to start your online business the right way.

Regardless of how long you’ve been trying to make it online you will see results if you take actions,if you implement what you learned and this can be applied to any niche once you learn the foundations from this training.

Time management is one of the keys to get results faster

Time goes by so fast and you will learn how to manage it and that’s very important in order to succeed.You will learn how to build a plan and follow it as Dean saying “Failing to plan is planning to fail “. With an effective planning EP and programing tasks you will achieve results faster than ever.Change is automatic and progress is not ,so you should create your own progress by managing your time the right way. In this Big Beginning session Dean is teaching you how to build a real presence and re-learn how to be yourself. By being your self, telling your own story,sharing your own experience you will attract more people.

Quick Start Challenge Part 2 -The Free Traffic Tap

This is the second week session of QSC and it’s exploding with awesome free traffic methods.In this session you will learn:

  • The Success Metric
  • The Two Types of Traffic
  • Compounding Affects
  • First Impressions Count
  • Tracking Your Traffic
  • SigniTraffic Method
  • Blog Hope Method
  • And More Bonuses …

Again,Dean can’t stress enough how important is time management in order to advance in your business.

The Success Metric

So what is the success metric ? It the equation TRAFFIC+CONVERSIONS=SALES You’ll need to get targeted visitors to a related optimized offer in order to convert to a sale.In another way offer the people what they are exactly searching for.

The Two Types of Traffic In this section you will learn how to use free and paid traffic and Dean will clarify your mind about these two.He’ll teach you how to get visitors to your blog for free and it works!

Compounding Affects You will learn that success comes by working on a regular basis. Success doesn’t happen overnight.It has to be achieved step by step as the saying “Slow and steady wins the race”.

First Impressions Count

In this section you will learn how to further establish your self online,build trust and relationship with your visitors.

Tracking Your Traffic

In this section you will learn how to track your progress by tracking your traffic

SigniTraffic Method

This is a very powerful  method of driving free traffic to your blog if  it’s done on a regular basis …

Blog Hope Method

It’s another easy free method you’ll learn from Dean to drive more visitors to your blog By using the methods above not only you’ll drive traffic but you’ll keep learning more from experienced internet marketers.

Quick Start Challenge Part 3 – On Demand Income And Automation

In this session you’ll learn the process on how to start building your email list the right way,how to automate your business and run it on autopilot and of course to get to this stage you’ll have to put some amount of work and efforts. You’ll learn that traffic has no value if there is no KLT (Know-Like-Trust).You can email to a list of 100000 about an offer but if there is no trust and no relationship then no one will buy from you. Is the money in the list ? Sure you heard of this many times from many internet marketers but again you will learn  that actually the money is in building a good relationship with your subscribers so they start to know you, like you and trust you.

Quick Start Challenge Part 4 -Instant Internet Life Style 

This is the final session of this fabulous coaching program to walk you and guide you on the right track .Again,Dean like usual over delivered by adding a fifth bonus session and another session bonus is coming in a few days.You will learn by keeping to build traffic you keep growing your list. So what is the meaning of internet life style ? Dean will clarify your mind about this myth. You will learn also that in order to succeed online and to grow your recurring income as an affiliate you’ll need to choose the best quality products worth to promote.

Quick Start Challenge Bonus session

In this great value training bonus session Dean will blow your mind and i mean it ! I can’t reveal it here in this review but it’s a big surprise.As i mentioned before, there is a 6th session bonus coming soon.Each training session of the quick start challenge is more than 3 hours.At the end of each session there is a FAQ where you get answers to all your questions.

Once you enroll in the Quick start challenge you’ll also get into the private Facebook group for free so you’ll get in touch with an awesome community out there.

Are You Ready for this? Are you ready to take action? Are you willing to Succeed? Will you make it happen?If Yes then go and get it, it’s one of the best online internet marketing coaching program i got since i started online.