The Source Phoenix Seo Training Reviews & Bonuses

Source Phoenix is an Seo training program for beginners and advanced ,You will get many benefits from this course where you’ll learn new techniques and awesome strategies and the results are guaranteed by the experts Alex Becker from source wave, Dan Anderson, and Kotton Grammer.They will show you exactly all what you need even if you’re newbie in order to become an expert and how to make money from it.Please Read my full review and learn how to get your bonuses at the bottom of this page.

Source Phoenix course review and bonus

This is the most advanced coaching program released this year from the best experts in the industry showing you exactly from A to Z what to do and what actually works and it’s a must have. This will make struggling SEO’s on the right track and teach veterans new source waves of SEO.

The product is designed to train a beginner to do SEO while teaching the most advanced new latest strategies in search engine optimization. It will also teach you how to establish a trustable SEO client business and then sell these highly in demand services.
After all these recent new updates and algorithms from search engines, a lot of people quit doing it. So it’s easier to rank now than ever before. Even if you are in a low budget you can still reach a high-level income.

You’ll have the best teaching with the best templates to copy and paste so no more testing or theories

Source Phoenix course is composed with four module video tutorials:

Source Phoenix Course Map

Module 1 : CORE TRAINING Module

  1. This will train anyone whose unfamiliar with SEO and get them to the expert level and it’s composed of:
    What is SEO
  2.  How SEO works
  3.  How money is made with SEO
  4. Picking a niche
  5. Setting up a site the right way
  6. Creating an SEO optimized site
  7. Linking to the Website

Module 2: Advanced Affiliate SEO Ranking

The expert Dan Anderson will be teaching you exactly how to generate a huge passive income from affiliate SEO and tactics never seen before that give you a huge edge over the other competitions.
He will also be covering how to crush rankings for even very competitive keywords and select the most profitable searches so you can make money very quickly with a small investment.

This module will also have a new section released after the 30 days. It will be called “The Cutting Edge.”
This will outline the super powerful Seo secrets and affiliate loopholes that can make a high monthly income a reality
This module is composed with:

  1.  What is affiliate SEO
  2. Choosing the best offers to promote
  3. Choosing the best keywords and that’s the most important phase in order to convert.
  4. Setting up an affiliate site to convert
  5. How to build Web 2.0 properties to boost your ranking
  6. On page SEO tactics
  7. Outsourcing affiliate SEO
  8. Foreign SEO niches to rank easily with less competition
  9.  Handling the new changes and managing link fluctuations, manage penalties
  10.  the best way to PBNs
  11. Untrackable set up with Stephen Floyd
  12. Anchor text patterns and safe linking
  13. Affiliate ranking with Alex Miller

Module 3: Client SEO

Alex Becker will be covering how to attract clients passively and turn them into high-paying passive income sources.
Alexander and his SEO team will also be teaching you advanced  and various ways to expand your client based business and outrank all the competitors in local areas
They will also be covering how to use this to make your first income faster even if you are a complete newbie .

  1. What is client SEO
  2. The keys to rank a client site
  3. The best services to sell clients and how to provide them
  4. Basics way to get clients
  5. Advanced ways to get clients
  6. Using Facebook to get clients
  7.  The un refusable offer method
  8. Elance method

Module 4: Quick Cash and SEO Services

In this module, Alex Becker will be breaking down the fastest ways to make money with SEO using different strategies.He’ll be showing how SEO is one of the hottest niches to be a seller in with services and places to rent links being super high in demand

I will show how to create easy to run HIGH profit Seo service or just simply rent out sites and makes a 5-10x return instantly with very little work involved

  1. What are quick cash method
  2. PR site rental
  3. High-end niche method
  4. PBN builder
  5. Launch jacking and webinar jacking
  6. Seo services
  7. The SEO Nova software
  8. Two months of group coaching with Q/A webinars from coaches including facebook interviews and questions

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These will help you a lot with your internet marketing

  • G+ Hangouts Mastery Video Series: get a higher ranking with hangouts
  • YouTube SEO: learn how to leverage youtube and bring a lot of traffic from this source for free
  • Auto Video Creator software: create easily your videos for any niche
  • Affiliate Marketing Business: great course
  • Two Cents Facebook Clicks Video Series: learn how to advertize on Facebook with the lowest price
  • Five Super Hot video Products in various niches

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